Release date for Wrangler pickup pushed back to 2019

Fox Lake Jeep dealer

Sorry Jeep fans, if you’ve been holding out hope for the early release of the hotly-anticipated Jeep pickup we’re sad to report that you’ll have to keep hanging on until late 2019. Although the pickup was slated for release in 2018, Jeep head Mike Manley recently announced that the new vehicle won’t go into production until next year.


Production will take place at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ giant Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio where the Cherokee is currently being built. Though the automaker is currently keeping mum about its decision to push back the pickup’s release date, critics speculate that it may be to free up room for the current Grand Wagoneer project as well as the debut of the all-new Compass.


The pickup doesn’t even have a name yet, though FCA chief Sergio Marchionne is said to be considering historical names from the Jeep family like the Comanche, Gladiator and Willys. Our money is on the “Gladiator” though, since “Willys Wheeler” is already a trim package on the Wrangler and “Comanche” feels dated to say the least.


The last time we saw a pickup roll off Jeep’s production line was the Cherokee-based Comanche, but that vehicle was only around from 1985 until 1992. Ever since then, Jeep enthusiasts have patiently been waiting for another incarnation.


Luckily, we’ve still got the debut of the new Wrangler to look forward to.


Jeep has kept us guessing in regards to the Wrangler’s finalized look, but the experts over at the JL Wrangler Forums predict that the next-gen Wrangler will be redesigned in a way that accents its off-roading looks while introducing some exciting new features. Based on spy photos and leaked images, Fox Lake Jeep dealers have a decent idea of what we can expect from the new car.


The front end of the new Wrangler will have LED headlights and turn signals to give the vehicle a modern feel. New air dams just behind the rear bumpers and an updated grille, windshield and hood will boost the car’s aerodynamics for a more efficient overall product. In the back, the new Wrangler will have square taillights and plastic fender flares. Its sides will also sport squared-off details to continue the motif through the top and door handles.


At this point, we’re still not sure what Jeep will do about the 2018 Wrangler’s top. Some enthusiasts think the automaker will nix the vehicle’s removable top in favor of removable panels like we’ve seen on the Jeep Renegade. Others think that the roof will be removable in sections, similar to the setup of the Wrangler Unlimited. It’s a toss-up.


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