14 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Vehicle safety during the winter season is very important, even more so for those commuters driving in icy or snowy conditions. To winterize your car follow these tips to help make driving easier on you.

Practice Your Winter Driving Skills

To become a better driver in winter conditions, practice going slow around corners, tapping the brakes sooner and giving other cars plenty of space when at intersections and stop lights.

Change Your Wiper Blades

Wiper blades often crack and split over time, causing them to become ineffective. When they don’t perform well, your safety and visual decision making skills are at risk. Change your wiper blades so that they will prove durable during the cold, snowy months.

Prepare Wiper Fluid

Make sure to fill your wiper fluid reservoir with fluid that counters icy conditions. If temperatures are close to freezing in your area, employing wiper fluid with antifreeze properties is very beneficial.

Check Tire Pressure

Check the manufacturers recommendation on tire pressure on your vehicle and fill any tires that aren’t up to the manufacturers requirement. Home air compressors are easily affordable and very convenient.

Track Your Tire Thread Durability

Before embarking on winter trips, check your tires and their threads to be sure they aren’t worn down. There are measuring tools available but the easiest way to observe the threads is using a penny and inserting into the grooves to check for Lincoln’s head. If its clearly visible, new tires may be necessary.

Switch Over to Winter Tires

Snow tires and all-season tires provide extra control and traction when commuting on icy road ways. Changing over during the winter season is worthwhile and safe.

Make Sure You Have Winter Tools

Pack your car with an ice scraper, jumper cables, gloves, and any other viable winter vehicle tools. These tools will be valuable when the weather begins to become more hectic.

Check Your Battery

Freezing temperatures can often reduce battery levels and make starting your car more challenging. Ensure connections are tight and your battery is clean. If not, your battery may need replacement.

Change Your Oil

Old oil tends to become sluggish during the cold winter months, so be proactive and change it if it’s due.

Clean and Treat Your Doors

Doors often become troubling because they tend to stick in the winter. You can fix this problem by cleaning your doors thoroughly and applying a layer of lubricant to the edge of the doors.

Keep Coolant Fresh

Antifreeze, judging by the name, is very important in the winter. Antifreeze prevents engines from freezing up and should be changed to keep it fresh, clean and effective.

Flush Your Heater

“Flushing a heater” refers to the cleaning out of heater core tubes and its purpose is so your heater can obtain and use its own coolant supply to heat your vehicles interior quicker.

Pack a Survival Bag

To ensure your safety in case you get stranded, pack a survival bag to further winterize your car. It should include the basics: water, food, road flares, a flashlight, etc.

Check Your Brakes

Check your brake fluid and refill to make sure your brakes are operating at their peak performance. If they’re making noise and squeaking, the pads may be worn and need changing.

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