Dodge Viper Set to Return in 2021


The Dodge Viper instantly became a hot commodity when it first debuted in 1992. This is why so many Viper enthusiasts were disappointed when its production stopped from 2010-2012, and again in 2017. But there is good news: rumor has it that Dodge will resurrect the Viper for the 2021 model year, only with a different engine.


Every generation of Viper vehicles has contained a V-10 engine, but Dodge plans to change this. It is speculated that the Dodge Viper will return with only 8 cylinders instead of the previously used 10 cylinders. This new Viper will be powered by an aluminum-block engine, which will replace the once used iron-block Hemi. In comparison to the V-10’s production of 645 horsepower, the V-8 is estimated to produce 550 horsepower.


Although the V-8 will be a little less powerful, it is assumed that this new Viper will still be offered with a manual transmission. Additionally, the Viper’s rear-wheel-drive layout and space frame chassis are assumed to remain the same as the previous generations of Vipers as well.


This new Viper is expected to undergo some changes, too. It is estimated that the Viper will be built with aluminum and carbon fiber to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Also, rumor has it that the Viper will be produced as a convertible instead of as a coupe.


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