Driving in the Snow: Tips for Staying Safe

Snow covering everything, snow-flakes falling, oh and ice all over the roads. We all know that with winter comes the harsh and dreaded road conditions that we might have to face. Luckily for you, we here at Ray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, your Ram dealership, have some tips for you to stay safe during the winter roads.


Our first tip when you see roads that are icy and covered in snow is to slow down. Driving slow is key to keeping control of your vehicle. When roads are covered, all maneuvers like stopping and turning take longer and are less predictable so it is important to go slow.


Number two is to know your brakes. With most vehicles, traditional braking systems allow the brakes to lock, stopping the wheels from turning. Others have anti-lock brakes that you have to stop as hard on them as you can. It is important to stop ahead and know how long your brakes take to stop and grip all the way.


We will just “keep on rolling” with number three. It is recommended that you keep rolling and don’t stop on ice or snow if you can avoid doing so. Experts say that when approaching turns and down hills, it is important to keep a steady pace to maintain inertia to keep moving.


Snow tires? Yes, snow tires. You should consider using snow tires especially when you live in an area that is constantly covered in thick snow and ice. Because these tires typically have a deeper tread to them, it gives your vehicle more grip.


Next up is make sure you check the exhaust of your vehicle. If you forget to check that the exhaust pipe is clear, it could be a fatal oversight. Always remember to clear away snow or ice from the pipe to avoid a bad clog.


So what are you waiting for? Head on in to our service department to get your car ready for the winter that is here. It might be off to a late start, but the cold weather and snow is coming. Just search “Ram dealership near me” or give us a call at (855) 255-6612. We are proud to be your Fox Lake CDJR.