Are You Driving Tired? Learn How to Stay Safer

Studies by AAA, the National Sleep Foundation, and more have found that a large percentage of Americans drive while drowsy. This drowsy driving can lead to slower reaction times and falling asleep at the wheel, which can cause dangerous collisions. If you feel like you are too tired to drive, you should get a different ride or get some sleep before you take the wheel. Learn more about what drowsy driving looks like and how to avoid it below.

Signs You Are Too Tired to Drive

You probably know deep down if you are too tired to drive, but there are also some signs you can watch out for. For example, persistent yawning could be a sign of drowsiness. Other signs include trouble keeping your eyes open, swerving of the vehicle, memory lapses, and any other unsafe driving habits.

Ways to Avoid Drowsy Driving

If you are too tired to drive, you should not take the wheel, but there are some ways to help you out if you feel a little bit tired. Check them out below.

  • Take a Quick Nap – If you feel too tired to drive, you can pull off the road at a safe spot and take a quick nap. Studies have shown that even a short nap can help you be more attentive and drive better.
  • Play a Game to Challenge Your Mind – Another way to stay awake and focused while driving is to play a road game like the games you used to play as a kid. Playing something like the Alphabet Billboard game can keep your mind focused and awake.
  • Call Someone and Talk to Them – You can also help your drowsy driving by having someone keep your attention focused. Call a friend or family member and have them keep you awake and attentive with a great conversation.

We want you to stay safe while you are driving, so be sure to follow these tips and avoid driving while you are drowsy. Also, you can get a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle with some extra safety features so that you are safer on the road.

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