Four Ways to Extend the Life of your Truck

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There are many reasons why you might be in the market for a new truck–they’re a great tool for people who work outdoors, they’re excellent for hauling whatever you might need to transport and they’re a lifesaver when it comes to moving big, heavy household items. But for many drivers, a truck’s biggest selling point is its ability to take a beating and keep coming back for more.


While your truck may have a reputation for durability when you drive it off the lot, you might need to put in some work to keep it that way. Here are our top tips and tricks for keeping your Fox Lake work truck in tip-top shape.


  1. Give your transmission some love. If you’re the type to take your new Ram Power Wagon on regular off-road excursions, don’t forget that those rough conditions can take a toll on your truck’s transmission. Pick up an oil cooler if your vehicle doesn’t already have an auxiliary one and make sure to change your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. If your pickup has an automatic transmission, pay special attention to its needs since it’s more likely to overheat than a manual transmission when you’re off-roading.
  2. Give it a bath. When you’re done splashing through mud and kicking up dirt, make sure you give your truck a thorough washing. If you’re the type who likes to wear grit like a badge of honor, remember that your vehicle’s exterior can deteriorate quickly if dirt, salt, sand and other debris aren’t rinsed off. Plus, taking care of the paint job can help keep the truck’s resale value high.
  3. Your tires are your best friends–treat them like it. It should just be good common sense to take care of the things that separate you from the road, but you’d be surprised to learn how many drivers fail to utilize their tires to their full potential. For example, properly balanced tires will add years to the life of your truck’s suspension. Don’t forget to rotate your tires every time you change your oil and have your wheel alignment checked as well. Rugged terrain can put extra strain on the wheelbase and bad wheel alignment can reduce tire quality and even lower your gas mileage.
  4. Give it a home. Give your truck protection from the elements by storing it under a carport or in a garage. Sheltering your vehicle from wind, sun, rain and hail will save you money on body repairs in the future.


If all else fails, come see us at Ray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and one of the talented technicians in our service center will help you out. While you’re here, why not check out our current trucks for sale?