Jeep Takes Top Honors On Leading Domestic Manufacturing

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It remains an interesting debate as to how much the work of many classic American automakers can still truly be considered domestic industries these days, in a time when much of the manufacturing and sales efforts being undertaken by these companies now occur as much or more across foreign borders than they do at home. As many automakers move their plants and corporate offices overseas in an effort to maximize the results from an increasingly global market, the value of truly American-made products seems to have also gained some newfound weight. Despite the new attention being paid to domestic craftsmanship, you may still be surprised to find out which companies are doing their part in keeping automotive manufacturing alive in the U.S.A.


A Surprising Metric

Today, we look to share some interesting analysis in regard to this subject, as presented by the trusted researchers at Though your mind likely lands on one of the classic American brands when asked to guess which brands manufacture the most vehicles in the U.S. (or, to be more accurate in most cases, manufacture the most parts of their vehicles), you may be surprised to find that it’s been foreign companies who have topped the list for awhile, namely Toyota and Honda, who have been dedicatedly manufacturing the popular Camry and Accord in the U.S. in big numbers for some time, respectively.


A Return to Form for U.S. Brands

Featuring six of ten top spots going to vehicles made by Detroit’s traditional Big Three automakers, this year’s list definitely demonstrates a shift in the attitudes of American manufacturers to push for more domestic recognition however they can. Taking the two top spots on the new list, in fact, Fiat Chrysler shows that its recent dedication to delivering some standout new vehicles has also included efforts to keep things close to home. With the newly redesigned Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee leading the pack of domestically manufactured vehicles (both made in Toledo, Ohio, in this case), it’s looking like a better time than ever to feel good about driving a Jeep. Staying true to its authentic American roots, Jeep now proves that it doesn’t take an overseas operation to deliver a truly excellent vehicle.


Meet These Standout Vehicles Today

Fans of these classic Jeep vehicles already know well that the most recent generations of the Wrangler and the Cherokee stand as some of the finest of the Jeep lineage and perennial standouts wherever there are Jeeps for sale. Naturally, the most recent generations have been said to be more than successful at bringing modern style and accommodations to the definitive, original off-road and utility vehicles without sacrificing one bit of aftermarket upgrade pleasure or trail-hungry feel that’s always made Jeep the best of its kind. Of course, you can expect to find plenty of these outstanding vehicles ready and waiting for a detailed and exciting personal introduction anytime, right here at your local Fox Lake Jeep dealer, Ray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!