Jeep Wagoneer Getting Closer?

Could Jeep be getting closer to revealing a brand new vehicle? Lately, people have been spotting a new camouflaged vehicle that can only be the new Jeep Wagoneer. Spy photos reveal that the Jeep Wagoneer is getting closer to production! Some sources say that the Jeep Wagoneer will be ready in 2020.

The Jeep Wagoneer was spotted totally camouflaged. Spy photos conclude that this SUV will mostly resemble the Jeep Grand Cherokee due to having the same style grille and headlights. Rumor has it that this SUV will be available in a wood panel design as well.

The Wagoneer is suspected to come with four wheel drive, a V8 engine, and seating for up to eight people. This three-row SUV will be built with aluminum and in two different wheelbase lengths.

Jeep produces vehicles that are built for the outdoors. Whether you find yourself driving up a mountain or cruising in the countryside, Jeep vehicles make any drive an adventure. Click here or visit your local Jeep dealership for more information about the new Jeep Wagoneer.