Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

After a long, cold winter, you are probably ready for spring, but is your vehicle? Spring is on the way, so there are some things you may want to do to tune up your vehicle before spring hits. Click here to schedule a service appointment at Ray CDJR.

  • Battery Check – Nothing is worse than a dead battery on a day when you can’t afford to be late. After a cold winter, you will want to check your battery out to be sure it is up for the challenge over the next several spring months.


  • Check Windshield Wipers – After a long snowy and icy season, your windshield wipers could be wearing out. If your windshield is streaky while you are using your wipers, it could be time for a replacement.


  • Oil Change – It may seem like you always need an oil change, but that is because it is a very important thing to keep on top of. Your oil ensures your vehicle’s engine runs properly. Don’t forget to get an oil change if you need one.


  • Tire Rotation – It also might be about time for a tire rotation. Remember, if you rotate your tires about every 5,000 miles, it can help them wear more evenly so that they last longer for you.


  • Clean Your Vehicle Inside and Out – This year, your spring cleaning could start with your car. Once you think you are past the worst of the snow, it can be a great idea to clean your car inside and out. You will want to clean the outside because the snow, ice, and ice melt can be tough on your paint. Giving your vehicle a good wash will help it stay looking good for longer. On the inside, it is great to give your vehicle a clean for spring as well. You can clean up your all-weather mats and vacuum the interior to get rid of crumbs from your road trip snacking.

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