Start/Stop Technology: What Is It?

Imagine this – you are stopped at the tracks waiting for a train to pass and your gas light appears. Thoughts start running through your mind: Will I have enough gas to get home? Is there a gas station nearby? What if I run out of gas before the train passes? Unfortunately, we have all been in that situation.


Thanks to start/stop technology, drivers everywhere will save a little money and never worry about running out of gas while waiting for a train to pass. Start/stop technology shuts off the engine in times when the vehicle is idling. Then, the vehicle’s engine restarts when drivers want to continue driving.


Recently, automakers have begun to use special electric starters that can handle the added stress of stopping and starting more frequently. Start/stop technology shuts off the engine every time a vehicle comes to a full stop, whereas the engines in older vehicles only start/stop whenever the key is turned inside the ignition. Because engine shut off much more frequently with start/stop technology, these special sensors have been a tremendous help in handling the extra stress put on the vehicle.


But how do drivers use start/stop technology when they are driving? After the vehicle has come to a complete stop, drivers will press their brake to shut down the engine. By releasing the brake, the engine will start and drivers can continue driving to their destination.


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