Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Spring

Now that spring has sprung, it might be time to check to be sure all is well with your vehicle. To be sure your vehicle stays in tip top shape, be sure to check out the vehicle maintenance tips for spring below.

Wash Your Car – After a long winter of snow and ice, it is time to be sure you wash the outside of your car well. It is also important to be sure to wash your car after winter because the sand, salt, and ice melt used on the roads can be damaging to your car’s paint. Be sure to get your car good and clean to avoid exterior paint damage.

Clean the Interior – It is also important to clean the interior of your vehicle now that it is spring. You should take extra care to clean your floor mats because those will have ice, dirt, and snow from the winter season.

Swap Out Winter Tires – If you decided to put on winter tires to help you better take on the snow and ice, it is now time to get those tires swapped out for all season or performance tires.

Check Tire Pressure – If you aren’t swapping out your tires, you might want to check your tire pressure to be sure your tires haven’t suffered any ill effects from the winter season. This will help you be sure your vehicle can still perform well for you.

Check Windshield Wipers – Another spring maintenance item is checking your windshield wipers. Your windshield wipers could be wearing out from the snow and ice of winter. If your windshield looks streaky after you turn on your windshield wipers, it is a sign you may need to replace them.

Check and Change Fluids – You will also want to check your oil and other fluids now that the winter season is over. If you haven’t changed your oil since before winter, it will probably be time to get an oil change soon. You can also check your other fluid levels including wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant.

Spring can be a great time to check your vehicle to make sure it is still in great shape. At Ray CDJR, we have a service center that can help you get an oil change or other regular maintenance you might need for your vehicle. We also have some great 2019 CDJR models for sale if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle. We are your Fox Lake CDJR dealership, so stop in and see us today.