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Oil Change Services in Fox Lake, Illinois

Is there a location that offers regular oil change service near me? Is there even oil change service near me that’s easy to schedule and doesn’t involve long waits? For any driver driver who is looking for a Fox Lake oil change service provider, the answer is a clear YES… Ray CDJR at 23 N US-12 in Fox Lake, Illinois! Not only is Ray CDJR a full automotive service provider, but it also routinely offers special deals and discounts to go with its oil change service. For more on those offers or to schedule oil change service, call (866) 729-2438 today!

The certified technicians at Ray CDJR are expertly trained to understand how your vehicle uses its oil and how it monitors oil life. An oil change from a certified technician gives you great service, convenience, and a great value of expertise! Our technicians only use the best oil products that work well with your specific engine type. This not only means that drivers can be sure that quality products are being added to their automobile, but also that every individual engine is likely to reach its projected maximum service lifespan if it continues to be maintained properly. 

Many people think that regular oil changes are a waste of time, money, and a nuisance. Here at Ray CDJR, we believe that it's important to understand how important and vital oil changes are. The oil in your Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicle maintains your engine lubricant. This prevents the moving parts smashing into another, cools your hot engine parts, and removes particles and sludge that may be building up within your engine. If you don't get your oil changed regularly all of this can happen and ultimately seize up your engine causing it to not turn on. Changing oil according to a regularly set schedule, however, can make sure that an engine is always properly lubricated and hitting its peak performance profile. The cost of a year's worth of oil changes is not nearly as costly as the cost of an engine replacement and repair. Call us today at (855) 255-6612 to schedule your next oil change today!

While one of our expert technicians changes your oil they will also make sure to check over your vehicle. Not only will they change your oil they will also look at a list of other things such as your vehicle's tires, brake pads, battery, and more. If you feel the need to take care of any other things your technician came across, feel free to do so. Note that our technicians will not work on anything without your consent. Taking care of the smaller details of your vehicle will result in it running smoother over time. 

The Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service experts at Ray CDJR can help you take full advantage of all the benefits offered here at Ray CDJR. Make sure to take a look at our service specials before heading to Ray CDJR for your next oil change. We like to give some great discounts on regular services like oil changes! Be sure to frequently check online because we are always offering new discounts monthly. 

Oil change services can help with the performance and fuel economy of your Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicles. Most older vehicles require oil changes at/around every 3,000 miles. Newer models usually have a longer range between oil changes. Always refer to your owner's manual for more information regarding oil change intervals. 

Did it just hit you that it may be time to take your vehicle in for an oil change? Fret not, visit us at 23 N US-12 in Fox Lake and we'll take care of you and your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram! You can either call us at (855) 255-6612 and schedule an oil change today or you can just come right in to our service center! We look forward to seeing you and servicing your vehicle!